Grade Abatement
Eliminating grades without losing efficacy

Use the the Drive documents below to explore the evolution and application of grade abatement. The most important tools for students are the grade abatement profiles and the GAP report.
Grade Abatement Profiles (Tiered)
GAP Report Protocol
Grade Abatement Explained
Grade Abatement Clarified
Grade Abatement Amended
Radial and Proxy Feedback
Triptych Checklist
Checklist (Annotated Version)
All this, plus a few more odds and ends, can be found in this Google Drive folder.
For GAP reports, course testimonials, and student feedback, read the following:
Imagine Sisyphus Happy

Bishop Composition
Reading and writing in a classroom without grades

Use the following Drive documents to get a sense of the writing philosophy and process used in this course. (I apologize for the pun in the first one.)
Prompt & Circumstance
Writing Process: Lite Version
Writing Process: Full Version
Post-Writing Report
DAMAGES: Original Rubric
ETA Reading Example

All this, plus a few more ends and odds, can be found in this Google Drive folder.
For sample essays that students have produced through this process, read the following:
The Absurd Man Says Yes

The Interstitial Classroom
The key to collaborative and autodidactic learning

There are two parts to this essay. Part 1 is about how I accepted a hypertextual shift; Part 2 will explore, when the ever-shifting sands of this stuff settle, the actual sites and tools used in the interstitial classroom.
Part 1
Part 2 [Coming soon... ish.]
In the meantime, this essay details much of what an interstitial classroom requires, in addition to (1) showcasing the iterative nature of this stuff, and (2) letting me make Wu-Tang puns.
To see students using the interstitial classroom, head to the course website, which leads to everything else.